Biggest Mistakes You Could Make at Your Kitchen Sink

June 18, 2022

Don’t use your kitchen sink for granted and put all food waste into the drain. The garbage disposal system in your drain will be helpful in managing leftovers. But putting down all types of foods and fluids may not be the best idea. There are few items that you should not put down the kitchen sink. Otherwise, it could cause clogging or worse plumbing problems. 

To avoid this from happening, here are the some of the things that you should never put down the drain,

Cooking oil & grease

Usually the butter, chicken fat, lard, and other greasy substances will harden quickly. If this happens, while the fat is getting down the pipes then it may create a clog and coat the drainage system. This may lead to costly repair bills. Don’t ever put such food waste in your sink, rather allow it to solidify in a glass jar or a can, after some time dispose of it in the regular trash.  Avoid dumping cooking fats into a compost pile as they may block the oxygen for decomposition and attract pests.


When you mix the flour with a liquid while baking, think of the texture of it, this may sit in your drain. Not only flour will stick into your pipes, it can also cause other particles coming down the drain to stick to it as well. If you need to toss out flour just throw it in the garbage.

Coffee grounds

Most people think that coffee grounds will not cause a problem while going down the drain. But, this is one of the most common causes of the kitchen sink drain clogs said by the expert plumbers. Just throw it in the trash, you can also put them around a few plants like azaleas, roses, blueberries, lilies and evergreens.


If any of your cold medicine, vitamins, and old prescriptions expire then don’t dump them down the sink or in the toilet. Though the chances of clog build up is low by the pills, the research in recent years has reported that pharmaceuticals are now a common contaminant in drinking water. Some enter the water supply through sewage, but also enter our ecosystem by being flushed down skin drains.

Household Chemicals

Many toxic substances are used as the common household products such as paint, paint thinners, turpentine, solvent-based cleaners and polishes, lacquer, and even nail polish remover. Don’t dispose of these substances in the drain. Rather throw the waste in the garbage to stay free.

Small seeds & grains can cause problems too

Even small seeds, nuts and grains can also cause a problem for our drains. For example, corn kernels, cherry pits and more specifically, chia seeds, which expand in water could be a big issue for the drain pipes to deal with.

If you want to keep your pipes clear, never throw the seeds, pips and grains, no matter how small they are! Don’t put them down the drain, rather throw in the bin or add them to your compost.

Egg shells

Some may think putting eggshells down the garbage disposal will be beneficial because the sharp particles work to sharpen the blades. Egg shells are better off in the bin. When ground, it could turn into an abrasive, sandpaper-like substance which can actually blunt the blades. If you don’t have a garbage disposal unit, the egg shells will never go down the drain. Although they may look fragile, and cause damage to your pipes.

Fruit Pits

A garbage disposal will not break down a fruit pit thoroughly to be fully flushed down the drain. It can go in your compost bin, though it will take a while to decompose.

Pasta & Rice

Pasta and rice will absorb the liquid even after being cooked, and form as a stodgy, sticky mess which is hard to break down.


The stickers on fruit are made of plastic which can stick to the sides of your drains, and can also stick to filters in waste treatment centers or polluting rivers and oceans.