Can You Use ATF in a Car Lift?

October 27, 2022


There are several different types of fluids used in the Mechanic Superstore: transmission and hydraulic systems of cars. Each fluid has its own properties and is designed to be used with specific products. Using the wrong fluid could damage the equipment or cause poor performance. Some manufacturers of car lifts allow the use of ATF but other manufacturers prohibit it. Although many professional installers assume that all car lifts accept ATF, a few manufacturers do not allow it.

Valvoline MaxLife Multi-Vehicle ATF is a full-synthetic automatic transmission fluid

The full-synthetic formulation of Valvoline MaxLife Multi-Veicle ATF helps your transmission maintain smooth shifting and maximize its life. It also has advanced additives that help prevent the breakdown of the major components of your transmission.

Its unique additive package and blend of premium base oils work together to extend the life of your transmission and help keep it operating smoothly. This fluid is compatible with most new cars and can also be used in rebuilt transmissions. It will not void your vehicle's warranty, so you can use it with confidence.

The full-synthetic formula of Valvoline MaxLife Multi-Veicle ATF helps your transmission function smoothly at any speed. It also prevents moisture from forming in your gearbox. It also helps you maintain smooth gear shifting for a longer period of time. The multi-vehicle formula is compatible with most cars, including Toyota T-IV, Mitsubishi SP-III, Subaru CVT, two post car lifts and more.

Valvoline has been in the business of making engine oils for more than 150 years and is one of the leading companies in the world. Their commitment to quality is reflected in the fact that more ASE Certified Master Technicians recommend Valvoline Motor Oil over any other brand. They also carry a full line of conventional motor oils, gear oils, and automatic transmission fluids. Each of these products is designed to last the entire life of your engine.

It is a full-synthetic transmission fluid

Full-synthetic transmission fluid (ATF) is formulated with highly refined base oils and special additives to handle the heavy demands on transmissions. While it may be expensive, it will last longer and lubricate the components of the transmission better. Using the wrong fluid may damage these components, which is why proper fluid selection is essential. Jiffy Lube technicians will advise you on what type of transmission fluid to use for your vehicle. Jiffy Lube stores carry quality Pennzoil products that meet OEM specifications.

In addition to ATF car lifts, Jiffy Lube also offers transmission fluid service. These stores have trained technicians who can perform the job correctly. These technicians will remove the transmission pan and change the transmission fluid. This can cost hundreds of dollars. But the benefits of using a full-synthetic transmission fluid are well worth it.

The proper transmission fluid will depend on the type and make of your vehicle. It must meet manufacturer recommendations, which you can find in your car's owner's manual. There are many different types of ATF two post lifts, including manual and automatic transmission fluid. There are even specialty fluids for different types of transmissions, including dual clutch models.

Manual transmission fluid is usually heavier than automatic transmission fluid. Some older cars may still use manual transmission fluid, but later models use automatic fluid. Traditional transmission fluid is manufactured from crude oil, while synthetic fluid is made by chemical reactions. This makes it less likely to break down, oxidize or thin out in high temperatures.

If you're not sure how to check the fluid level in your car, visit a mechanic. These professionals are trained to check the transmission fluid in your vehicle. It should be pink or red in color and smell like petroleum. Some cars even have a dipstick or reservoir to check the transmission fluid.